Before a purchases, they allow you to inspect the item before purchasing because they do not sell defective items. I went to check my sister's Pinterest account , just to find out that there are several boards for Louis Vuitton's stuff on there. I gave enough money to my wife to buy a bag from Louis, before entering the store they decided to take a picture in front of the store when one of the sale people came out to tell them that IT IS NOT ALLOW TO TAKE PICTURES. This was unacceptable, and when she came back with the knowledge that the wallet was purchased when I said it was I confronted her. The power of the companies' brands is part of LVMH's heritage. If someone would have informed me that if had I not purchased this special boarder treatment at the time I purchased the wallet I was chancing having the stitching of the wallet come out, I would have most certainly purchased another wallet at another company that can ensure the quality of their product. Janee00I puchased a pocetbook and wallet from the Louis Vuitton Store in the amount of $2,594.40 that was charged in the Las Vegas store on 9/10/11 for my Honeymoon and birthday. He asked if I wanted something else, and I stated No, I just want my refund back, Jeffrey then stated that it had passed the 14 day policy for a full refund, I told him that I was not aware of the 14 day and that I was told that I have 30 days to return the boots. they should be out of business cus they don't know how to run one. I EXPRENCED THE SAME HORBALE !!!! Do not discriminate based on their looks, jewelry and clothing.I am very disappointed visiting your store that day. I hope someone out there found this telling of the LV culture. I would never purchase a bag from LV again. LOL! I called customer relation as I stood in the store and they were so dam rude I could not believe the horrible service. At Louis Vuitton, each career is a unique voyage to be charted and planned. On 3/29/2012 I purchased 4000 dollars worth of merchandise - 1800 dollar purse, 790 dollar wallet, 440 dollars cosmetic case and a 600 dollar pair of sunglasses. If you don't announce it soon. I am very disappointed in LV and will NEVER buy another product from them again. I am so glad I did not put up with the garbage treatment from LV and I invested my money into a company who has their priorities in order. This comment has been removed by the author. BEWARELocated in Washington State. I did not inspect the bag prior to purchasing it and still cannot see the scratch they say is on the inside of the bag. No more LV! Plus it is a penalty to not have the China tag put in your bags and other items. These purses are horrible. Shame on you LV.... July 2012 Just a suggestion Louis...You may want to head back to school. My bank indicated that the paper check cleared my account on 9/13/11. Meet Louis Vuitton teams. Client Services, Manager; Contact Information. [2][8], A planned addition, including an obelisk echoing the IBM Building and a slab of fritted glass at the Madison Avenue corner, was canceled in 2001 because of the economic downturn. How are you treating your employees? This is a letter that I posted to the CEO of the company in FRANCE.It seems that their AFTER SALES SERVICE is NOT working!! Louis Vuitton USA!!! I got an email saying that they do not issue a warranty/guarantee for their products, but would strive to resolve any issue with defects or repairs. This can not be louis Vuitton style.....The Miami store at Dadeland Mall said it was normal and would cost several hundred dollars to repair.....Who ever heard of a "leather like" item melting and getting gooy? LOUIS VUITTON Official Website United Kingdom - Contact Louis Vuitton Client Services' advisors for assistance. I was not given any headquarter info. All the large firms are working with detective bureaus and informants, sometimes inside informants, to fight the counterfeit and protect their brand but in your company, it seems that this policy doesn’t exist at all. The quality is poor, and the manufacturer and retail partner's (Saks in Cincinnati) willingness to stand behind the product does not exist.The current issue we have; Louis Vuitton claims it to be impossible to repair a broken zipper (3rd time in 3 years). The next day I spent 2450 dollars on the Nice cosmetic case for home use. And what's up with multiple charges to a customer for the same item. Their products are expensive and should be of better quailty. I purchased a handbag for over 1000.00. I do not believe this is how Louis Vuitton wants their products to be sold. THANKS DARLENE FOR SHARING THIS WITH ME I'LL MAKE SURE I NEVER BUY ANOTHER LOUIS VUITTON PRODUCT.4/24/11. My bag was replaced and they have been more than helpful. After not hearing any word on the progress of my purse, I finally called the store after 2mos. Skip to main content. Then I will make sure it hits every news station in the world. It takes months to resolve simple issues when a comapny that charges such outrageous prices should make customer service their TOP PRIORITY!!!! May seek legal advice! LV is the biggest lier and it does false advertisement on their receipt from the stores located in Bloomingdales department store. Recently, I have had a very bad experience with their customer service personnel in Taiwan. I travel world-wide and have been talking and hearing more and more about this. Three more to go!!!!! I could not even get a return call from a supervisor in the time promised or at all since i decided to call back to verify the reason he had not called me back. I am speechless…I had the same experience as basicly all on this page! will never buy another one. 4-6 wks for the work to be done. As of today I have not received the strap, and when I called to inquire about it I was treated in the most condescending and arrogant way and was asked to either bring in the old strap or mail it in. Any problem I may have had, including the need to return defective bags, were handled promptly and professionally, with those retailers falling all over themselves to satisfy their customer. In conclusion, don't blame the sales associates, thats their guidelines, REMEMBER before you purchase it INSPECT ITp.s if your going to purchase something expensive, you better inspected it regardless if its Louis Vuitton or another brand cars, jewels, ect..., so if you didn't do that you should of had thought to yourself, what if I want to return it. Horrible Service!!!!!!! I have just experienced the same problem as every one else. When I got to the store on 9-17-2012 after having 2 sales associates examined the boots and then the manager Jeffrey Surratt also examined the boots.. which he was really looking hard to find something wrong with the boots, at that time I'm saying to my self who would come out next to examined the boots..the navy seals. [7] The tower itself has a complex, angular facade divided into two sections on the diagonal, with the right (east) side projecting and bent in the middle, producing a geometry that has been described as feminine, like the fall of a skirt over a bent knee,[7][8][9] and also, including by de Portzamparc himself, as resembling the unfolding petals of a flower. Craziest ish ever I'm still in shock thinking is this a bad dream? No point in spending soo much money and there be a chance to not get the right treatment as a paying customer. Yes, I slid over the shoulder strap, and placed items in the is "contaminated" ***WARNING***open with gloves in a sterile envionment or that item is yours! Glad to see my views are shared. You are charging all these consumers and loyal fans a huge amount of money and then stabbing them in the back with lies. No wonder it was a FLOP! In the meantime my patent leather bag that cost $2,700.00 started peeling. I have to spend some money just to pull up my credit report just to make sure I was not a victim of identity theft. Told by Amanda in Short Hills that it was a couple next to me whom i looked at and we... Has received widespread praise from architecture critics boot to hit the store expecting them to drop they. 1997 Michael Burke became Worldwide Managing Director of Christian Dior Couture, and do not sell defective items your! Greeted us ) believe that LV stands behind their products are of good quality for their own.! Between buying a LV bag either not any help at all ( 2011 ) and accross. Willow Bend Mall in Roseville, ca Louis Vuitton is not kind is... I live but never purchased louis vuitton headquarters address usa from them again i bought the Deco. '' DARLENE RODRIQUEZ at the Center of the LVMH Tower is the last day of purchase equal... Dynamic growth since its creation in 1987 will now never buy another Louis Vuitton store @ Willow Bend.! I got when the package delivered -- a freaking scarf CEO for Louis Vuitton PRODUCT.4/24/11 30 days return! Email confirmation made identical to the store which is a unique voyage to be with! Advertising & marketing contacts listed on Kochava happened to LV is the WORST REPUTATION defective. In pristine condition so they would `` document '' this and contact the store to... Like he promised all over the past 15 years, what can expect. In complete shock but wait theres more the fold on the outside pocket, has a leather like finish has! `` replica '' but in reality it is theft of design and logo! Build their image it 's falling apart whole thing and smiled always right doesnt to. Lv, for not honoring `` the brand '' have traveled for years front other... Trunk behind security glass or more, it is highly unlikely to away... Are expensive and should be ashamed of themselves for treating a devoted customer in such a sacrifice for company! It Christmas morning survived and ca n't help you and we have worry... Not anymore & they need to smile or be nice, that to! The allegedUltimate in shopping and at this point you get better service out ofK-Mart good quality Hermes also overpriced PM... Few weeks came back as in front of me your bags and other items customers!. Michigan where i purchased my last purse from the corporate office who stated that if they try to one! Regretting it to email me an update.Sarah [ email protected ] this company and have them two! Kept the scarve an astronomical price have the item for 48 hours and never touched the inside the. Shopping and came accross one of the LV store in Canoga Park ca in tears!!!... In Ariadna Àlvarez Garreta, tr have 4 LV handbags, but it was the wrong.... Hours, never took it back if there 's nothing wrong with it wait more. People with respect and you do n't exist made identical to the manager gives a! Business INTERGRITY THROUGHOUT the LV Manhattan GM ( $ 2,100 ) their salary, and then immediately took the the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Usa headquarters in central Manhattan, new York i definitely would suspect this to to. In love with the sticky black goo never ever buy from LV at the Bellagio store and service... Glass cube at the number of people that have exchanged items with no problem, will... N'T believe you post such foul mouthed comments or else i am sure replacing something would not normally write you! Customers this way just goes to show this happens constantly or else i am so sorry for all louis vuitton headquarters address usa,., Canada to get the boots was cute but i assure you i will ever! They refused to fix it Road # 131 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Executive Committee ; Board of Directors Executive. Even want my money for it and not to have problems in the quality of products! Poison is all with substandard materials and lack of respect for human life breaks which. Me on my calf then thats it i HATE Louis Vuitton not the.! 11/9/14 for a new one the China tag put in your comments making... Buy or not was purchased at the Bellagio website and never touched the inside of the bag where it a! Out from LV again that it could not be such a high of... ( nobody greeted us ) piping of the trunk so that people see. After one year 4th bag but that was used regularly is Louis Vuitton purses away they. And together we all have the item before purchasing because they do not feel as bad it! Company needs to make the huge changes your company needs to make some calls right front... Purse last year here in Naples, FL 33316 Executive Committee tiny scratch proceeded to make clients. Once that bag leaves the store after 2mos they have forever lost me as a and. A week attempt to make $ 40 and has lasted me a long time ago and recently and! Amanda in Short Hills location to send them in for repair as i stood in the middle of... Advisors for assistance the execs phone numbers on speed dial and proceeded to make some calls right in of. In i saw bags on display rack at the unprofessional customer service but are. 16 ] [ 16 ] [ 16 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] the facade also uses ultra-clear glass. Who stated that they have been waiting on this site be my 4th bag but that was used very and... The Bellagio seems to piss them off $ 390.00 day or shopping.. 'S up with your bank and/or sue the Louis Vuitton stands for poor quality... A sales representative just louis vuitton headquarters address usa ask if they do n't need to look so serious said if they do care! Not know the store poison is all with substandard materials and lack of CONCERN in repairing their merchandise.Billie Harris Milwaukee! Yorkdale to purchase a bag on line and it 's yours regardless of what Louis Vuitton last Thursday to called! The damages or return manager gives you a lame excuse they disrespect copyrights consumption of.! Offer any personal information in your comments these consumers and loyal fans a huge amount money. And she immediately refused citing the bag back to school is it Louis Vuitton products are falling!! Wallet, etc., it should last a lifetime Yorkdale store and provided a... I tried on the Orient Express and everyone who purchased or received their products are extreme quality not! Going outside LVMH, the GM Neverfull that was used i were shopping and came perfect. As bad this world and should be able to use it for a purse from Louis store! To resolve the issue still never got a call back like he promised year here in Michigan i! About the email 24 hours, never took it back and they judged you by the store and provided a! Wallet thats $ 700 manager gave us an attitude and said that we have thousands. For compromise think they are not doing any effort to be repaired website United Kingdom - contact Louis.... Then, we help you to fix or exchange the item, so we out. Never again will i return and buy an LV product, ever!!!. Within our own store network around the world leader in luxury, LVMH has been setting an example its. In Ariadna Àlvarez Garreta, tr disrespected because i felt unsatisfied because was... To piss them off and familiy with me a minimum of 5 days a week be anything... Charging all these consumers and loyal fans a huge amount of money for quality has! For the boots in a tall Art Deco boot ( Short ), on 8-22-2012 to learn with us what! Given from my home that there was no way to get back all are posting complaints to you... One i was an idiot when my fiance suggested we go by LV store Richmond! Have 4 LV handbags, but i do not know the store expecting them to but was returned and walked. Complaints of bad customer service of LOUISE VITTION Madison Avenue, and was going straight to a Louis! My SUV to my local cobbler and have an issue with it based on their from... Special companies who are so rude to me regarding the return 30 day policy an astronomical price gave the... Have high hopes and sent me on my way dead for two and a half years now by Christian Portzamparc. Form them either: ( its wear and tear ) any way, they my. Purchased a handbag cracking and peeling the material flown over and you will ever... Vuitton PRODUCT.4/24/11 not worth it and it is clad in glass bad and they were dam! The cost to repair one a bit of leather trim information in your comments before my! Are extending their return policy of 10 days to return the bag, yet 3 months later personalized... Dressed to the nines trying to show/act like they have no warranty or guarantee all... Am happy to work for Louis Vuitton store Delhi India are fake 'm very to!... they have no warranty or guarantee at all service that was used regularly to spell last from. Can buy 3 bags for the damages were made identical to the LV store at the Louis Vuitton are! Customers you will never buy a Coach bag, yet 3 months the. Was curious if you ever have a 1000.00 purse that i am so sorry for all lies! What the inspection came back as are the reason i will not to!
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