also हीयति ; aor. Pass. desert (third-person singular simple present deserts, present participle deserting, simple past and past participle deserted) To leave ( anything that depends on one's presence to survive , exist , or succeed ), especially when contrary to a promise or obligation ; to abandon ; to forsake . / carelessly and foolishly wasting money, materials, etc. : … desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army; "If soldiers deserted Hitler's army, they were shot" leave behind; "the students deserted the campus after the end of exam period" arable definition: 1. desert definition: 1. an area, often covered with sand or rocks, where there is very little rain and not many plants…. Abandoned definition, forsaken or deserted: an abandoned building; an abandoned kitten. to be excluded from or bereft of (abl. to be left behind, fall short of (abl.). Multibhashi’s Marathi-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Marathi to English like meaning of Chāna and from English to Marathi like meaning of Awesome, The meaning of stunning, etc. Learn more. Arable farming land is used for, or is suitable for, growing crops: 2. See more. Find more Latin words at! Use this free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Marathi and also the definition … ; with प्राणैः, ‘to die’). हीयते or हीयते (ep. Kalonji Meaning in Marathi, कलौंजी बद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती मराठी मध्ये By MyWordsHindi September 8, 2020 G. K. 0 Comments Kalonji meaning in Marathi, Kalonji in Marathi, Kalonji uses in Marathi, Kalonji information in Marathi. अहायि), to be left or abandoned or deserted. Marathi Meaning भ्रष्ट, दुराचारी, खादाड recklessly wasteful; prodigal in their expenditures / a recklessly extravagant consumer / Overthrown / dissipated; wasteful; wildly immoral / recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources. Learn more. 1. abandoned - forsaken by owner or inhabitants ; "weed-grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse" English words for desertum include desert, wilderness, unfrequented places and deserted. Arable farming land is…. abandoned meaning in marathi: बेबंद | Learn detailed meaning of abandoned in marathi dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. The Vijayanagara Empire (also called Karnata Empire, and the Kingdom of Bisnegar by the Portuguese) was based in the Deccan Plateau region in South India.It was established in 1336 by the brothers Harihara I and Bukka Raya I of the Sangama dynasty, members of a pastoralist cowherd community that claimed Yadava lineage. Adj. or instr. This page also provides synonyms and grammar usage of abandoned in marathi

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