There is a difference. Logitech uses either Logitech Options or Logitech Gaming, depending on the model of mouse. These buttons all work fine on the Mac platform, but do not work on the Windows 10 VM. Piece of 🤬 — Sam Volkering (@techinsider_sv) December 17, 2018 @Logitech after update LogiMgr to version 7.00.554 my MX master 2 does not scroll anymore. Some copies were missing in the clipboard. Mac OS 10.14.2 Macbook Pro 13" (2018). Resetting an iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini device may be slightly different. BLOG. The problem is older Mac devices are Bluetooth compatible, but not Bluetooth "Smart Ready." Same problem here. Any suggestions? However, it is worth noting that this method is quite risky, especially if you are not familiar with all the files saved on your Mac. Make sure your mouse is compatible On a Mac? I've also had the same problem of my G502 not working well with my mac, I eventually got the sensitivity and acceleration right but my biggest complaint was with the scroll wheel. All issues could be fixed by removing the Logitech option … The issues seemed to start with the latest Logitech Options Software. Restart your Mac. Follow these steps: The best option we recommend is to utilize an automated means of cleanup. Monday, 14 December 2020 / Published in Uncategorized. Make sure you hold the key for 30 seconds, then release them and wait for your laptop to boot as it usually does. WTF @Logitech I upgrade your stupid options application on the Mac and then the scroll wheel on my MX Master just stops working. An obscure suggestion from 2 years ago, mentioned this. The other didn’t have the update and everything works fine. Sure, you may always opt for the manual path. I thought he was nuts. Logitech Gaming Software Not Recognizing Mouse. Logitech's support was no help; felt ignored. So this is not a hardware issue, it is driver software issue and you need to revert back to previous version. You can confirm this by removing logitech, then plugging in another usb mouse or something and refreshing the System Information. Deleting an important system file may cause your Mac not to work completely. The "Logitech Control Center" showed "No Device Found" and I was totally flummoxed why a USB mouse isn't being recognized (my main reason not to have batteries). I guess this isn't even particular to the logitech mice but scrolling on a mouse in MacOS just SUCKS. 7. After your Mac starts, press Shift + Ctrl + Options simultaneously again. Then it is working again for some time. Regardless of the software, you can try removing your mouse from the configuration utility, restarting the Mac, and then adding the mouse back again. Once you’re sure the Logitech dongle is not working, here is a DIY repair you could try if you can’t get a repair / replacement part: logitech options not working mac . No way. As another person mentioned before, these are devices, that according to Logitech, work with Bluetooth "Smart Ready" devices. One got an update for Logitech Options and the mouse stopped working in this machine — it doesn’t scroll. We have all had issues with a regular mouse not working on our computers. A "hidden" function? Even Bluetooth 4.0 will not work unless it has the "Smart Ready" designation along with it. I have programmed a few of the buttons for Cut, Copy & Paste. I also experienced that the clipboard wasn't transferred to client PC properly all the time. Check your webcam to see if it works now. Sometimes, if the Logitech gaming software doesn’t recognize the mouse, there are some simple solutions. You should see that device be listed and know your Mac and USB are fine. I have recently purchased the new Logitech MX Master 3 mouse (which used Logitech Options). Catalina installed without a hitch but my Logitech problem is a bit subtler. Mac mini late 2012, Logitech wireless keyboard 800 (Unifying receiver, not Bluetooth) Background (in case any Logitech engineers/experts are out there): I completely uninstalled all Logitech software, preference panes, and the like.