232.602 Responsibilities. Incumbent assures accounting formats and contents are consistent with Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS), U.S. Treasury, and local Finance Office requirements. A DA normally operates an office geographically separated from the DO/ DDO’s office and is authorized to make voucher payments, voucher collections, appoint cashiers and cer-tifying officers, and maintain funding documents (e.g., … CPOA and Sailor 360: CPOA involvement (President, Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer) Sailor 360 Committee Lead or Co-Lead CPO Season Committee Chairman 2. §308. Shore Assignments (ALL) Disbursing Officers directs procurement, custody, transfer and issue of funds for payrolls and allowances. Issues savings bonds on payroll deductions. • It has two sides, Receipts and Payments. Each deputy disbursing officer is … The disbursing officer is responsible for determining the amount and collecting contract debts whenever overpayments or erroneous payments have been made. In a 20-year period in the Navy, DKs may spend 50 percent of their time assigned to fleet units and 50 percent to shore stations. 010102. Prepares and pays public vouchers. d. Accountable … This is the part where you link your skills, experience, education and your personality to the job itself. an officer in any department of the public service who is charged with the duty of paying out public money. Prepares military pay records and makes payments to military and civilian payrolls. establishing and enforcing requirements, principles, standards, responsibilities, procedures, practices, and liability for disbursing officers (DOs), certifying officers, and accountable individuals throughout the Department. After "A" school, disbursing clerks are assigned to ships or shore stations in the United States and overseas. MAJOR DUTIES: 1. c. If a Navy Cash Accountable Official is also appointed as a Disbursing Officer, Deputy Disbursing Officer, or Disbursing Agent, and the responsibilities of the Navy Cash program are covered by that appointment, then an additional DD Form 577 is not required (see DoD FMR, Volume 5, Chapters 2 and 10). Disbursing officer; deputy disbursing officer; certifying officers and employees (a) The Director of the Government Publishing Office shall appoint from time to time a disbursing officer of the Government Publishing Office (including the Office of the Superintendent of Documents) who shall be under the direction of the Director of the Government Publishing Office. A typing test is required sometime during training. The disbursing … (b) Disbursing officers are those officials designated to make payments under a contract or to receive payments of amounts due under a contract. Why should the we hire you as this position As Disbursing Officer? This is why you need to be utterly familiar with the job description as well as the company culture. Note: ESO, Deputy Disbursing Officer (DDO), DTS coordinator, CPPA are not collateral duties and should be treated as normal duties. Forward recommended changes to this volume Recommended Changes. A disbursing agent is an agent of a Disbursing Officer (DO) or Deputy Disbursing Officer (DDO). Disbursing Officer unless the duties and responsibilities of the DDO have been entrusted to a subordinate gazetted officer. Disbursing officer synonyms, Disbursing officer pronunciation, Disbursing officer translation, English dictionary definition of Disbursing officer. Serve as the Deputy Disbursing Officer appointed and confirmed by the U.S. Finance and Accounting Center and the Department of … 64. • Cash book should be maintained under double entry system. Upon completion of a contract, the state, county, or other municipal officer charged with the duty of disbursing or authorizing disbursement or payment of such contracts shall forthwith notify the department of revenue, the employment security department, and the department of labor and industries of the completion of … A former disbursing officer of the Government Publishing Office or the estate of the disbursing officer may not be subject to any legal liability or penalty for the official accounts or defaults of the deputy disbursing officer acting in the name or in the place of the former disbursing officer. 1045 - DISB - Disbursing Officer. • Separate Cash Book should be maintained for each