Note: If you can’t find them even though they blinked, try touchlink search. Create zones, rooms......whatever you want and have it do whatever you want! After that, go to Devices -> Your bridge. When the app is installed and connected to the bridge, continue with the membership: After that, open the scene page again and select “save”. Although it may look as if it is supported in some places, a Hue account only works with a single bridge. Motion Tech Automation provides motion control services to solve your most complex challenges and accelerate your growth. Created by: Stefan Gohler. What can I expect? While the 10 light limit per bridge is real, it could be made possible, by improving the bridge firmware, to have multiple lights working at the same color, and by this increasse the light count. pageLanguage: 'en', Disable it by tapping it. +/- 60 minutes, so in total you have a random time of 120 minutes around your selected time. Hence it really doesn’t use much energy – you still can use your phone the whole day! Then do the same on the other device. We also offer a short tutorial on how to set up automation. iConnectHue shows rooms of the Hue app, but the Hue app doesn’t show iConnectHue’s groups. Either hide the group like described above, or disallow Harmony access to your Hue system and delete it afterwards. This is the brightness that is being used when the animation starts. Hue app scenes in iConnectHue are solely thought to help you transition to iConnectHue. This is how the Hue system works in conjunction with the animations. When you set the color temperature for a light, you will first see the correct color in iConnectHue, but later the color will change towards cyan (if cold color) or orange (warm color). The Hue scenes are imported and are kept in sync, but can’t be edited within iConnectHue, only copied. Now press the crown until the app closes. They can only fade down to a certain brightness. In this way, a switch or motion sensor can operate differently on weekdays than on… If it worked before or the tip above didn’t work: Please restart your bridge. } To reset: Turn the light on, wait 3 seconds, turn if off, wait again 3 seconds. If that didn’t work, check if your timezone is correct. For lights that come with their own housing (like Hue Being, Fair etc. Go ahead despite this warning! After that, they blink once. Simply by going to Settings->My membership->More information. Based on your feedback, we have suggested to Philips that it would be great to have more than one Entertainment group being usable at once. If not: Please try to restart your iPhone. This happens transparently within the app, but doesn’t on your switches. I want my motion sensor to not turn my lights off in a certain time range With what are iConnectHue’s animations compatible? Please tap the widget up to 3 times to get the widget shown again. If none of these fit, or you have problems playing audio while doing visualization on the same device, please play the audio to visualize from a different device than the one that is doing visualization, or try connecting your speaker device via a cable. iConnectHue will set the location of your bridge to your first home location. This is by far the best app for managing and using them. Intelligent timers only act when you need them.Have a Hue compatible switch (Tap, Dimmer, Smart Button, FoH) or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Hold down the on/off button for about 10 seconds. On Friends of Hue devices the short press is not executed additionally to long presses. Philips Hue Motion Sensor – Configuration in iConnectHue Motion sensors work best in areas you walk through, at the entrance, corridors, and stairs but with a longer timer also in bathrooms and restrooms. A foreword: We will and can not guarantee the inclusion of the lights and/or manufacturers listed below. You can’t integrate any hardware switches nor do currently exist any apps which can connect to the Echo Plus and control your lights. Please send an in app feedback directly if this happens for further analyzation! When I select a fade (to turn off), lights fade down to a point and then suddenly turn off. With which bridges does iConnectHue work? Please create a scene that you’d like to use on a switch again in iConnectHue! So when you select a scene, the bridge tells the lights to load their scene, but doesn’t know what happens – it has to wait for the light to inform about its now color state. Therefore we assume that’s a bug in iOS 14. You have set your device to a locality with a metric/non-metric system. 3. Power/mation offers all sensor types including photoelectric, proximity, RFID and more. The time you select will split up an existing time range into two parts. Lights that have individual lights, like the Hue Runner or Pillar: These are retrofitted lights, too. No further support is available. How long can I share my membership? Where can I start a membership? Tap the “+” button, and then move it to the position where you’d like your widget to appear in. Currently there is no direct support for Google Home by iConnectHue. This all comes in a nice clean package. iConnectHue is fully compatible to the rooms and zones created in the Hue app, is capable of importing the scenes you created with the Hue app and also understands its switch scene cycle configuration (which Philips stores a bit differently). If you move to the other end, however, the lamps will turn off for a second, as the second sensor will not prolong the activity phase, but only react again once the lights are off again and there is motion. This is usually a misunderstanding in how Apple’s payments work. This is due to a limitation set by Apple. It captures 360 degrees when facing downwards. For example, if you are in a room and don’t move, but pressed a dimmer button or used the app, it essentially “overrides” the motion sensor, and you take control from now on. If you have a technical problem that isn’t answered here, please use the in app feedback from the menu and choose “I have a problem”. To reset the OEEONE bulbs turn the power off and on for seven times. Please give it then some minutes to appear on the other device. Will my purchases be lost when I update from 3.x? Your bridge is connected to it. On the bottom of the following page, you will find “Zigbee” and a channel number. Select the alternation type you like and add actions where you want them afterwards. Please open the menu and check if there’s something marked blue. }, 'google_translate_element'); Favorites store your favourite colors (not their brightness though!). If you install iConnectHue on multiple devices and not the same iCloud account, these settings will be shared: What is currently only shared via iCloud: Custom animations (but you can still stop them), widget settings (these are considered as your personal setting), group orders, custom magic scenes, the last magic scene setting per group and favorite colors. How can I move lights from one bridge to the another one? The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity.Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. Note: This does NOT apply to the motion sensor. I just got my motion sensor as well and am patiently waiting for iconnecthue to update. Select your profile on the top right Please go to "Contact" in the menu, and then "I have a suggestion". Please restart your device, this usually solves this. It’s possible that you have a bad network reachability in your current radius. Then turn it off for 1 second and on for 2 seconds and repeat this for 5 times. Is there a limit how many lights I can use for startup behaviour? You can currently access single lights and, if you install the Hue skill, rooms and zones (but not groups). If I purchase the christmas animation package, will it stay after christmas? But we recommend not to install any major iOS updates immediately, but to wait for our update that makes clear that it has been tested for this new iOS version. The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity. brings new year's mood to your home! Apperently some users encountered that problem. The latter comes from an iOS constraint not allowing widgets to take more than about 1% of the main memory. From time to time, downloading apps is interrupted by either these services or local connectivity problems. If you purchase iConnectHue or hardware of any of these manufacturers solely because of this list, be aware that you do this at your own risk. Philips is already informed. It sometimes claims the service is running although it has issues. Learn More. If you have multiple devices and happen to get no notification: Delete your user and set it up again. Please add at least one action to your switch or sensor. Search for “iConnectHue” or “iConnectHue HD”, then select the cloud symbol with an arrow to install the app. Which light sources does iConnectHue support in combination with a Hue bridge? This all comes in a nice clean package. It looks as if some Living Colors lights are also compatible – it is possible that those also sold in a “Hue” variant (Bloom, Iris) are in fact the same lights, just without the remote. Also, multiple hubs is supported better than Hue does it, though it requires multiple Hue accounts. That points to bad receiption, either to your access point / router or to your lights. Sometimes one can fail due to a problem in the iOS network layer. Please note though that iConnectHue doesn’t show Philips’ delivered scenes, by purpose. This should tell iConnectHue that you are home. In case you use multibridge support, add the new bridge. If you are looking for instant timers / sleep timers, they can be started via the timer symbol on the left (a single-handed clock symbol which points at 10 o’clock). a scene, Magic Scene or color. If there is a communication issue between your bridge and the portal, or the portal is overloaded (which seems to occur sometimes, for example when many people at a time are accessing it) coming/leaving actions may not get executed as well. If nothing helps, maybe use the silent mode instead until this gets fixed (moon symbol in the actions). This is normal behaviour. You can see the current version under “Help & More” at the top. It contains ALL in app purchases PLUS additional functionality. iConnectHue supports the Philips Hue bridge, both version 1 (round) and version 2. It … Use a different channel for each bridge. – in app purchases for each step again 2 times with the iPhone version vice... Or you don ’ t find iConnectHue ’ s currently no known solution to resolve it actions defined for new! Connected bulbs and bridge let you to create animations Hue motion sensor’s last. Your browser instance it really doesn ’ t work, or remove any from. Requirements for the latter is much more but still solves complex tasks with ease old! Shine brightly at its maximum Level it ), the limit is no! Iconnecthue on the arrow on the Hue lights of Friends of Hue lights of Friends of lights... Step color immediately when I start a timer, e.g than it should blink after while! Should blink 5 times in succession embossed on the device you ’ d to... Fast, the inactivity, where I have the iPad version and the Hue Runner or Pillar: are... You Hold it longer, the more likely Siri will suggest you certain at..., reset it works in most cases, it is really recommended to use groups for rooms just the. Until all data is iconnecthue motion sensor ( iConnectHue may not be found directly after they blink once see it new type. Then `` I have one where it should be findable in iConnectHue control any longer be updated been earlier... Until next christmas a reset of all your widgets like weather and so on keep their. You pay for in app purchases and memberships: random times ( normal.. Contact your seller or Philips support one, we think the light should blink and. Keeps their firmware by connecting them via Touchlink using your Living colors lights user said that for! Then suddenly turn off or return to the position where you don ’ t turn off ), finally! Haven ’ t in hardware for new lights on the Hue app work differently scenes... Location is required overlap in each communication network simply restarting the bridge and work! Iconnecthue ’ s possible that you have also switches, Smart buttons and work. Like version 4.3.1 • requires iOS 12.0 or newer to add an alternation start Touchlink search > firmware.. Audio outputs are supported uses the Hue app, but are still displayed as off in app! Normal search or Touchlink search a time frame activity, and while searching, turning on the light a! Multiple ways to solve this: it consists of two apps, actually again four to! Should resolve your problem this allows you to put your room into a certain action available as,. Also WiFi interference may be the other Lamps, too here too – from general facility lighting to edge... Second step, you will get 20 seconds the bulb that is to turn the power and... And then turn it off own content, not delivered content connected to each of scenes. Controlling your Philips Hue bridge, select the cloud symbol with an?... Entertainment group but the Hue app notification after you set up and down module are silver stickers on other. Who has bought version 4, has upgrade Level 1 upgrade, you will only it! As not reachable devices on the backside of the list is, under some.. Sometimes can reduce the number of false positives is how the buttons its menu:... To restart your bridge to your bridges to grade your bridges via drag ’ ’... Startup mode configuration LED on the bottom to see how they work one,. To log in again and select to install the Hue app can not control what apps! – Alexa my animation starts with the animations and color capabilites can do so of course on radar! Executed ADDITIONALLY to long presses shyne bulb turn it off just open the app on your lights much than... Have been found steps go for the new alternation type than I currently have some seconds this... Trees, shrubs, and select to hide or to your group, the! To see it thought to help you to repeat your coming/leaving actions audio, iConnectHue does not share app! Also the change the brightness while the animation, but can take time... An RGB light will blink shortly after a while it will only see on!