Cleaning internal laptop components. Table of Contents:You Will NeedSteps to Clean the FanAdditional Tips and Advice advertisement Mili asked: How do I clean an overheating laptop fan? You see, dust does not care if you use a laptop or a tower, a mac or a P.C. If your case doesn’t have fan filters, ... may need to need to clean their systems more frequently, maybe every week or so, versus every month for others. I recommend unplugging the AC adapter, too. u/perplexer13. Will I have to open my whole computer? Seems like perhaps a vacuum would be a bit better? I need clear, basic, step-by-step instructions. Unlike desktop fans, which have more room to breathe, laptop fans are smaller. Look for an air vent on an outer edge of the laptop; there should be a nearby access panel on the bottom. Can I clean it from the outside? That was incredibly well done. The hotter the system runs, the faster the fans will run. Hit the fan in short bursts from lots of different angles, making sure to blow most frequently in the direction of the air vent. I'll wager that it runs much quieter (and cooler) than it did before. We also highly recommend removing the fan from the computer when using a damp cloth. November 13, 2020 September 27, 2018 by Tyler Bevan. Close. Unplug your computer. His credits include dozens of books, blogs, and magazines. You should see the fan right underneath. Many designs use a ‘heatpipe’ system to draw heat away from these components, with a single fan cooling a heatsink which is attached to the heat-pipes. i noticed that it is quite dirty inside near the fan the mostly. Keep doing this back and forth until no more dust comes out. Now, I realize this may be bad for the fan and that I could have really fucked something up, but something you have to understand is that I am too lazy to do this shit myself, and too proud to have goddamn Best Buy do it for me. PCWorld i saw a vid on how to get to the fan but you have to rip half the laptop apart i dont wana do that. If the computer is around a smoker, the fan may look like the fan shown in the picture on this page. If you're using an air compressor, as I did, keep the pressure relatively low, and don't get too close with the nozzle. Now your laptop is clean from head to toe. He sleeps with an iPad under his pillow. We must keep cleaning our laptop fans if we want to get excellent performance. It's also a good idea to check the fan for any dust as well. Fan is the very important parts of Laptop. After some internet searches, I found out that it's most likely because the fans are getting dirty and plugged up. Dust came out the other side, and I was done with it. Then you can blast air in from multiple directions. Okay well I have always had a little bit of noise coming from my HP laptop but it seems like now the fans are REALLY loud and I really want to see about cleaning the fans but I have no idea how to? Laptops & Tablets: Your computer probably only has one fan and it's blowing out.Avoid blowing the dust directly back into the computer, which could aggravate the fan noise problem in the future. Especially if you own multiple computers. I have the HP G62, which has no easy access to the fan. This simple change can help improve your computers performance and life expectancy. If you’ve got a laptop that’s over five years old, chances are its fan is clogged with dust (and fur if you’ve got pets!). I know that feel, and as a student I have no plans to buy a new laptop. 6 years ago. We take apart a lot of these bastards. Gently blow any dust off of the fan. Too strong a burst and you could damage the fan or something else. After you've blown out all the dust, replace the access panel and battery, then power up the system. 2 comments on “Why Is My Computer Fan So Loud: 5 Ways To Fix Loud Laptop Fan Noise” Also, it stops laptop overheating and keeps cooling. I've probably done well over a thousand. Computer fans can get pretty noisy, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the din. Even if I broke 1 in 100. How often you need to clean your laptop depends on the laptop itself and how dusty your environment is. Recently, my laptop started making a weird bubbling/gurgling noise. And it might even kick the bucket. In this article, you will learn how to clean a PC Fan. I can tell you with almost metaphysical certainty that short burst of the fan spinning fast in one direction or the other does not cause the fan to go bad. Wouldn't you blew out the fan blade if not careful? Sometimes things are only as complicated as you make them. All you need is a small screwdriver and a can of compressed air (or an air compressor—though tread lightly with that, as noted below). I'm sure people would be having a hard time putting it back together without missing connections and shit. 2. Don't wait until it's too late. how can i clean me laptop fan? (Same goes for your desktop.) You may want … i took the back off to check the battery and i knew it had to be dirty but i didnt know the extent of it. Canned air works great here, too. I can’t find specific information as to how to clean the fans with compressed air. Ask for help with your PC hassles at, or try the treasure trove of helpful folks in the PC World Community Forums. This prevents the fan from expelling warm air out of … 0. For more than 20 years, Rick Broida has written about all manner of technology, from Amigas to business servers to PalmPilots. or should i get a can of air? Cleaning your laptop on a regular basis is a good idea, but you don’t need to go overboard and do this all the time. How to Clean Laptop Fan? The response curve maps heat with fan speed. Archived. This is why I said "fuck it," and blew compressed air in the intake. If your laptop is more than a year or two old, it's long overdue for such a cleaning. If you’ve had your laptop for a year or two, there’s probably some significant dust build-up inside its case. Fans turn on when your system heats up. Control fan speed on Windows 10 with HWiNFo. Your mileage may vary, but the three laptops I have here all have panel-accessible fans. In these cases it may make sense to take apart your entire laptop just to clean the fan. Contributing Editor Rick Broida writes about business and consumer technology. Press J to jump to the feed. Here's how to quiet disruptive PC equipment. He and anyone else looking into getting a new laptop with Macbook pro build quality, but more powerful hardware,less bloatware, and easy access to hardware/upgrading, should look into getting a laptop from Sager. I've had mine a while now. Finally, put the cover of the RAM back on and screw it in. After the removal of dirt and debris, you should now put the fan back in place and screw it again. However, In the case of the dv5 and the majority of laptops these days, it does not make sense to take apart the entire laptop just to clean the fan. First unplug the power and remove the battery. And add a reminder to your calendar so you remember to do this again every couple months. I do it the same way at work. Someone should start a business explaining things like this in that song style format. Steps in cleaning Use a cotton swab to damp the lubricant and apply it to the fan shaft. Sign up to have the Hassle-Free PC newsletter e-mailed to you each week. Fix Noisy Fans. Taking things apart easy, putting them back together is whole other story. Thanks in advance! To clean it, you can follow some simple steps. My recommendation is yes. Support wikiHow by My laptop is Asus K53E, I don't want to buy a new fan if mine works fine and just needs cleaning. To clean the touchpad surface, use the same damp cloth used to clean the exterior of the laptop. Find the fan and use cotton carefuly to wipe away dust from the fan blades. That or maybe the fan just needs some attention. If your laptop ever feels particularly hot in certain spots, ... use the compressed air to clear out the fins of any dust. A noisy fan means your laptop is being pushed to its limits. Most of the dust will come out of the intake or outtake, and some of the dust will end up further inside the case; which is nasty yet harmless. I am considering making it my life's work. Ethan How great would it be if you could watch instructional videos like this instead? With laptops like the dv4 though you are liable to screw something up (like one of those fragile cables) and may want to try to find someone that has an air compressor. Wipe down the fan with a cloth and be careful to continually use the clean edge of the cloth to avoid sending big clumps of dust into the fan. Thanks in advance :) So you should know how to clean a laptop fan properly. Agreed. Thank you for your time. But, for those of you with some mojo, you’re probably wondering how to open your laptop and clean it out thoroughly without damaging anything. Typically a laptop will have one or two fans cooling the main processor and graphics chip. So they have to make up for it by blowing harder. I have worked in production on laptop repair for way too long and have worked on roughly (very rough estimate) about 20,000 laptops over the years. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I've written about this subject in years past, but it's so important I feel obligated to repeat myself for those who might have missed it. What's really disgusting though are peoples keyboards, forget about the fan. He shouldn't get a mac, since they're priced about 2x what they should be. $10 for a complete dusting. I have approached this no less than three times. unlocking this expert answer. I don't think that the computer is about to die since I have only had it … Now, if that still doesn’t work, you’ll have to remove the fan to clean the Grey Fuzzies from between the fan and the heatsink. Cleaning the inside of a laptop … You get pretty good at it eventually. 3. On each occasion I have become successively closer to reaching the fan but am yet to achieve this glorious victory. Ask the tech support reddit, ... How to clean a laptop's fan? Wipe down all the vents on the inside and outside of the laptop. Is the fan perfectly clean? To avoid harming the fan, blow a couple bursts of air in the intake and then a couple bursts of air through the exhaust. We hope one of these solutions works for you, thanks for reading. And that’s that! I would watch the shit out of those. By Rick Broida, Of course, this level of operation is not for the faint of heart. Select the fan you want to control. Blasting air with an air compressor directly into both the intake and the heatsink vents. I eventually just replaced it with a $12 fan and haven't had to in a year. You’ll have to take your laptop to a specialist who can access the fan for you. The dust inside the case can be mitigated by simply removing the optical drive and panels before cleaning the laptop with the air compressor. When that happens, it may lock up. However, In the case of the dv5 and the majority of laptops these days, it does not make sense to take apart the entire laptop just to clean the fan. A few big ol' dust bunnies flew out, and the computer now runs very cool. Usually by a program that’s taxing on your onboard RAM. Take it to Staples. I did not do this for several years with a tower computer and did not know that it was important. But if I wanted to reach the fan I have to disassemble a lot of stuff, so I have to make sure the fan is okay first, is there a way to know? Method 2 – Change Fan Speed Using BIOS Even though Speed fan and like software are the best options to increase the fan speed on laptops but sometimes they prove to be useless due to lack of motherboard support. Follow these steps to control the fan speed using HWiNFo. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. How To Clean Your Laptop Fan. It may damage system components. Now it's time to blow out the dust, something you might want to do outside. They're half the price of macs with better CPU/GPUs and equal display quality. How to Fix a Noisy Computer Fan. It's still easier to fix the broken one than to take apart every machine. You can clean the fan at home or contact professional service center. I'm a Staples Tech. My fan is noisy sometimes and it heats a lot? The best place for video content of all kinds. Sure if we have access to fan or heatsink like in the case of the Inspiron 1545, then it makes sense to spend the time to remove or gain access those parts for cleaning. When the cooling fans have to run constantly, it's just a matter of time before the machine start to overheat. Daedroth Posts: 3,065. These ribbons are especialy easy to ruin forever... Also Why do i have to remove all this shit, just to clean the fan? PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Clean Laptop Fan without compressed air. can i just blow at the fan through the vents or put a vacuum cleaner next to it? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Clean with a damp cloth. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A laptop fan needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis in order to ensure that the laptop stays as cool as possible. In this situation, it's usually best to moisten a cloth with water and rub the fan down. i have a M14x R2 alienware laptop i was wondering if best buy did pc cleanings. Use the response curve to control the fan speed. A laptop might be as easy as a desktop though. How to clean a laptop's fan? If this is your situation, I feel sorry for you. Read our, Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions. Tips. Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. Unscrew that panel and remove it. However, holding the nozzle too close and at high power can literally break the fan blades off some fans with a high number of (weak) fan blades. You must keep it well maintained to prevent damage. This video is awesome, I love taking laptops apart. Please read the sidebar below for our rules. In order to reduce laptop fan noise, you can pull out the fan blades with a little effort. I worked in a repair shop and I did this to a lot of laptops that seemed to be running hot. My laptop was overheating, and I got partway into opening it and decided to do it this way. Clean the power supply fan and any case fans. Clean the heatsink with a soft brush |. Use compressed air once again to blow out the dust. The laptop fan is an important […] Cookies help us deliver our Services. Also apply a little on the fan base, especially the contact area. Sure if we have access to fan or heatsink like in the case of the Inspiron 1545, then it makes sense to spend the time to remove or gain access those parts for cleaning. Cleaning the LCD (screen) For additional information about cleaning LCD and flat-panel displays, see our cleaning page. Response curve. But, I've never had one come back with a bad fan after I've taken the air compressor to it. Turn off the laptop, flip it over, and remove the battery. Like PCs, most laptops use fans to cool components that would otherwise overheat. I was wondering what I needed to do to get into the fans and clean them. Actually this is how it's done in professional production environments. You should see the fan right underneath. Unscrew that panel and remove it. If you did a good job, then its fans should be a bit quieter, and you might even notice a slight performance increase. Find the location of your laptop fan then use cotton to wipe it clean of any accumulated dirt or debris. Posted by. (NOTE) use EXTRA FUCKING CARE when removing the ribbon that connects the power button to the rest of the computer. Comments. At first, let’s go through the less costly and easier way of cleaning your laptop fan. If I have learned anything from doing laptop repair for so long it is that 95%+ people are disgusting dirt bags and have never once cleaned their laptop. How to clean a fan by opening up your laptop For those that are happy to wield a screwdriver, turn off your laptop, flip it over, and remove the battery, if possible. Fortunately, as I've mentioned before, this is easy to fix. *edit - I want to append a small note for anyone reading this. People can also purchase laptop stands, cooling cases, and external fans to keep their laptop fan quiet and in perfect working order. If PC fan controller software doesn’t let you control, change, or increase the fan speed on laptop PC then don’t worry you have a plan B. Turn your laptop upside down and gently shake it. It save a lot of time of having to disassemble the whole machine. And after you resemble it, there is always that one mystery screw left! I've heard the same line. You will need only a screwdriver and a can of compressed air. Look for an air vent on an outer edge of the laptop; there should be a nearby access panel on the bottom. And because everything in a laptop is packed together so tightly, dust is even more dangerous. Be sure to clean your laptop thoroughly every few months to maintain its performance and appearance. You see, like desktops, laptops can suck up lots of dust. Don’t remove the fan in its entirety from your laptop because it has many complicated parts that can be difficult to put back together. With me and my PC's CPU fan, it got to where I would have to keep blowing it out every 3 months. I know a lot of people don't have access to an air compressor and therefore are forced to used canned air which is absolutely terrible to the point of almost worthless. No, but why does it need to be? If there is one, remove the plastic or metal panel in the base and hopefully it will reveal the fan.