We have a tub/shower combo. When the grandbabies come their parents put them in a small plastic tub on the shower floor and they splash away. We understand that we will need to make expensive adjustments when we sell. I think parents with small children need hems, but as long as there’s a tub somewhere in the house, I don’t think I’d worry about one in the master bath. We just completed a Master Bath remodel last fall. (We had a seat in the old shower which we removed and that made a lot of difference, too.) They use a soaking tub if the person they are renovating for likes a bath vs a shower. We’re adding a pool to the backyard and I told my husband that I want to take the tub out and put in a door (preferably French doors if we can make it work) to the outside where the window is now. They had a very small shower that felt like I was in a coffin every time I took a shower. If it faces directly at the opening of your shower I would go with 6 feet. I agree about the carpets fad and this too may be a generational trend. I chose a marble-look and like it. My buddy Steve does bathroom remodeling every week.. Those are cold no matter where you live. We had a shower stall along with the tub prior. Quite a few years ago, the second bath was the object of a mini-makeover (Of course it was mini, given the size of the room.) That’s why many master bathroom remodels include removal of the tub to make space for a larger, more luxurious walk-in shower. Jacuzzi offers bathroom remodeling services and products, including parts for tubs, showers and faucets. However, prices range from $4,500 to $10,000 depending on the size and extent of the project. No respectable designer would do the things they do. The tub is in front of the window and to open it I have to climb in the tub…so beware the corner tub. But it will make a comeback. About the only thing the tub has been useful for is washing the dog. After all, how many times have you actually used a guest bath when visiting someone or one of your guests used a tub unless of course the guest is a child? Here in the north our tiles get super cold in the winter, so if I do all this renovating (fun to dream) I would DEF get floor warming, but not towel warming cuz I don’t like the way they look. We had stayed in a luxury hotel on a business trip and I encountered the tub of my dreams and always kept it tucked away in the back of my mind. So I will get everything clean. Which AC is a better choice: a single stage system or a variable speed system. For our area they suggested putting the dollars into good tile for the floor and shower and a tub. I can’t help but think it eliminates some potential buyers who still enjoy a good old-fashioned bath. But for resale value, I will have to stick to a shower/tub situation. We sold our house this past year in 3 days and everyone that walked in loved the walk in shower!! We don’t miss that old tub at all! I do not miss the tubs.No one has taken a bath in our family in a decade- our teen age sons occupy the in-law suite. Was able to squeeze in a tub for my husband too. I would SO miss my tub in our master bath! Know that unless you use those items frequently you are creating more to clean. Admitted that we have lost control over our lives, allowed everyone and everything to monopolize every blessed minute. For every shower with no tub, there is a comment I need my tub. That said, the master bath is still small. I had a good chuckle…lived in our past house for 18 yrs, MB had no shower, only a big soaking tub, I showered in the hall bathroom. We have both a heated floor and heated towel racks and I wholeheartedly recommend the heated floors at a minimum when you remodel! Have been researching heated floors and decided they are the way to go. We have NEVER used it in 11 years. We have two bathrooms. We purchased it from Signature Hardware and opted for an insulated model, so the water always stays warm. We have never missed the tub! Our hall bath has a tub/shower combo. I have a wider tub which allows me to get on my knees to get out and don’t want a shower until I’m unable to manage a tub. An upgraded bathroom helps sell a home and can be a good investment. I would love to redo my bath to update my shower and make it larger. I love your blog! I never used the garden tub since I moved into this new home at the time I thought it would be a good investment in case I wanted to sell my home. I have just sold my home we built 12 years ago, it has a deep soaker tub and a small steam shower. We are already talking about eliminating the tub and expanding the shower so that we can have a large “luxury” shower with a seat. Remodels. Soaking in Epsom salt is one of the best things for people. (even if they don’t have children, for future sales of the house a tub is important) And we did just that in this old house, we added a bathroom with a bathtub in the 2nd bathroom instead of the master bathroom. Tubs and showers are an essential part of our routines. We have a nicely sized, not huge tiled shower with very tall glass doors that keep heat inside quite nicely. We never used them, preferring the shower. I’m using the latest version of InLinkz for the Linky Party this week, and from what I’ve been told by InLinkz, it doesn’t work well if you’re viewing it using a browser that may not be latest version of that browser. I guess the tub thing is all personal taste if you don’t care about resale value. with water jets. Whether you are looking for a whirlpool, Swirlpool ™, or soaking bath experience or are in search of the perfect freestanding tub, drop-in tub or alcove tub installation, you will be enchanted with all of our Jacuzzi ® Bathroom products. Explore. If my sweet dear Momma ever taught a thing, it is to love a good hot bath soaking. The newer shower glass has a treatment that really keeps the spots off. No children live in our Del Web community so we are fine with our choice. Susan, there may be something wrong on my end, but I can’t find the link button or the links that have already been submitted. I do love the trend of having a very large area for dining adjoining the kitchen in lieu of a dining room….in my next house the area that is slotted for a dining room will be a huge laundry, craft, potting, etc room. I haven’t watched it in many many years but it still doesn’t look good when I flip through the guide. After our remodel is finished, our home will have 2 ½ bathrooms. We are in the process of remodeling our Master Bath!! I’d sure vote for no tub and go with an easier to keep spotless shower design with elbow room. If that isn’t the issue (an outdated browser) clear your cache and reboot your computer. No tub, no soak. I realized I just need to decide and I have, as to what I like and that’s what I’m going to stick with. Our bathroom is so much more spacious! There are conditions you can get at all ages where a soak would be just what the doctor ordered. Next time I would get an in line heater…the water is hot but these new fiberglass tubs do not retain the heat. In the 23 years we lived in our home I used our master bath jacuzzi tub maybe 3 times… it took tons of water to fill it, it did not stay warm, and because it had not been used regularly, it would hold water in the pipes so gross mold would come out… hence we had to fill it up once and let the jets run with Clorox, then drain, clean the tub, and then fill to use the jets… are you kidding!! Like anything there are pros and cons to both. We are due to renovate and thinking about just having a large shower and no tub. My neighbor just renovated her three baths and she removed the tub in the master bedroom. I did opt for a soaking tub to replace our overly big whirlpool tub that I hated!! We have glass doors on each as well…no more shower curtains!! I currently have a jacuzzi tub and in 30 years I can count only a handful of times I used it. He has a two bedroom coop here in the city. But it was long and had more room for him and my son to shower in. If I could do it all over again building my house, I would skip the garden tub If I was younger, like in my 30’s, then I would miss it. Functional, durable shower and bath remodels for beautiful bathrooms. We are about to finalize our bath reno plans, and have no doors planned (other than a partial wall for plumbing so the spray will go diagonally into a 5′ square). It was a shower that had a somewhat “L” shape. But, now we are downsizing and retired…and most places we are looking have just showers in the master bath and no tub, but a tub in the guest bath. The reason I want to replace the garden tub is this it is hard to clean, I only used it for my one cat who liked fresh water so I let it drip for him but he is no longer with me plus the fact to get in and out of is really hard. We don’t have a master bath, just an upstairs bath shared by all, and with a tub and shower. Tub decking is granite, so no grout to crack or bother with. Between my husband, 20 year old son, and myself, we have not taken a sit down bath in years. We added a heated towel warmer, so cold is not a I do have a tub/ shower in the other bathroom, so if I want to soak these old bones I can. My last home was large (4,000 plus sf) but the master bath had no tub. (We are in a by-level, bedroom/kitchen floor laundry is more important.). So I vote for the walk in shower, no door, but a soaking tub. ♥. As I manage to find the time for a 15-20 minute soak about three or four times a week – (more, during gardening season) – my glorious tub is one of my favorite treats! We like the flexibility. What a waste. I hadn’t thought about that. It becomes more of a 3/4 bath. See more ideas about bathrooms remodel, small bathroom, bathroom design. Whether you simply want to put a new tub over your old one or completely remove and replace your bathtub, we have bathtub styles and colors to fit any space. and you are not supposed to run the jets with bleach in the water – just squeegee the glass after EVERY use and you may never need to clean it at all (but you will need to scrub every square foot of the tile – wink, wink) – get what YOU want/need now – “You can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time” – Just as you are making changes now, so will the next homeowner – Can’t wait to see what you choose! I was also thinking about not having a door on the shower, but I’m wondering if it gets cold when showering without a door. Yup, rip out the carpeting to reveal those pretty hardwood floors. The one in the showroom had been fiberglass but I thought that was only a prop for the showroom – I never imagined I was buying a fiberglass tub. A heated towel bar is a VERY affordable luxury…the electric ones are around $200. It’s all very big box – just lemming stuff – not real design. If it’s not I.E., check to see if there’s a newer version of whatever browser you’re using. The crackling fireplace sounds wonderful! (We will be putting in a wall mounted fireplace in the extra space!!) Since we are in our 60s, we made the opening large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Before, we had an old jetted tub that was so large that the hot water ran out before it was full, and we seldom used it . I haven’t posted on my blog in months…too busy but will try to write a post next week and show our master bath. I don’t use mine a lot, but the second I didn’t have one, I would probably dream of the days when it was available for a good soak when I felt like it. We didn’t have a choice, and I use the other tubs for a soaking bath. Thanks for participating in this week’s Metamorphosis Monday! He uses the hall bathtub to soak since the jetted tub is so hard to get in and out of for him. I’m with you. It took a long time and a lot of badgering my poor husband to install my granite countertops. What’s everyone’s thoughts on no tub in the house? Love a hot bath in the evening, helps to relax you:) Would probably not purchase a home without a tub…but that’s us. I wouldn’t say that a tubless master bath is a new trend. You really need a separate shower and bath in your master. My husband and I are retired and are in the process of downsizing to a smaller house. Having been in interior design for a few years I notice a lot of these trends where something is omitted ( upper cabinets in the kitchen) and it is all the rage and seems so smart and functional. I feel sorry for all the people here who say they’re shower people. BUT… I’m just finishing up a post that will come out in about an hour about my client’s condo bathroom renovation and she only takes baths, so we outfitted the bathroom with a very nice air bathtub and have with a shower in it for the rare occasion someone would want to use the shower! You would love the big shower but you might miss your tub. We had a claw footed tub and a corner shower. Buyers who love baths will consider this. 10% off your 1st bathroom remodel AND 20% off your 2nd bathroom remodel OR No Payments, No Interest for 18 Months* *Includes product and labor; bathtub, shower or walk-in tub and wall surround. We just didn’t want to spend money needlessly and bath remodels are expensive!! If he got tile floors I get a heated towel bar. We chose a 5′ x 5′ with a one foot bench along one wall and three shower heads (one rain shower type on the ceiling and a traditional shower head with a removable hand-held head attached.) Sorry, I can’t see the link either, with any of my 3 computers or the Ipad. Thanks for this article! Have lived here in a Senior Community for 6 years and my granddaughter took a bath once. - Darian B., Michigan. IF I ever had a tub in a master bath, I would only get a deep pretty soaker…not ever a jacuzzi…but like someone else said… as you age, climbing in and out gets harder and harder, no matter how fit you are! Kids were all gone but one. I’m sorry. The only way I can get through a shower pleasurably is by singing, which other people don’t always want to hear. You may just need to update your browser. I do love the beautiful baths with the large shower and free standing tubs but that isn’t happening in an old home!! It made a remarkable difference. It is so relaxing to fill it up, slip in and watch TV. Neither of us ever has in 14 years! I never was a tub person love the shower and the way the water bill keeps going up this is the best option for me. I want to remove our jacuzzi tub and turn the space into a large shower. I wouldn’t like a shower with an opening and no barrier like a door or curtain simply because I would just feel strange with the opening. If you want to soak in something, get a hot tub. Trust your sense of style – your home is beautiful! It takes forever to rinse shampoo out of your hair. How nice would that be at the end of the day??? Average Job Cost: $14,000 - $20,000. I would rather have cabinet storage. We opted for a walk in shower, no tub. I was the one that convinced my husband and builder to eliminate the tub in the master bathroom and am glad that we did. I just didn’t think about it at the time. We are currently building our new home and we have designed the footprint of the bathroom almost exactly the same. In this case, removing the tub made room for a larger shower space featuring a frameless glass, and a bench with in the shower. Funny you did a post on this! We want a large walk-in shower, double vanity, walk-in closet (which we don’t have now) and a washer and dryer. I’m also starting to wonder about whether this is a trend and in the future the houses with the combo will be more enticing for all the newly self aware gurus. We renovated our home in 2011 to add an elevator, a larger master bathroom and hardwoods/new paint throughout the house. Can’t wait to read what you end up doing! Photo from Bethesda Magazine here: www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Magazine/January-February-2016/Beautiful-Bathrooms/) Bathroom Design is by Case Design & Remodeling. I have a very sensitive nerve system and the water motion feels to me like I’m being attacked by my bathtub. I can’t wait to move to a new home with an even bigger tub—and now they even have heated tubs, so the water stays warm without adding more! To me that’s like seeing a lovely garden or forest and saying “Ho-hum, I’m really a concrete person. The realtor said it could affect resale because a family with a young child would want a tub. I’ve asked this same question to another reader whose comments differed from each other with ability to contain water. While I feel the huge tubs are overkill, I would hate to be deprived of being able to have a long soak in a hot bath. You are so right about being “on trend”…who comes up with this nonsense???? I cringe everytime I see them take out the tub in a rehab show. But daily usage takes its toll. I was worried about losing the tub, with 3.5 baths it would only leave one tub upstairs by the kids’ rooms. We kept the tubs because we planned to move and did everything for resale value. step out) It had an open arch entrance (no door), a window that looked outside and a glass window adjacent inside the shower wall. We think it will be safer as we get older to walk into a shower instead of climbing in and out of a tub. (It takes “forever” to take a bath because you have to be IN the tub before you turn the water on – and you have to remain in the tub until the water drains out!) Wish I had a heated floor when I get out of the shower. We had a realtor come and tell us what would be a good idea to do ( or not do) for re-sale. I’d rather have a big shower with a seat that I can just sit in the steam and relax that way. It doesn’t appear to take up that much space, perhaps because it’s in a corner. I work in Kitchen and Bath at the Home Depot. Did not think of a towel rack then but my husband gave me one from brookstone for Christmas Love warm towels! You’ll love the heated floor. I soak in my tub at the end of the day and read a book and watch my fireplace crackle. I think we’re at least making sure the framing is such that a glass door can easily be added to the studs if we do go doorless and later change minds. If I had a tub that I felt comfortable soaking in, I would use it regularly. It was okay to have one or two shows like that but then the entire schedule was filled with them. When we are relaxed and feeling good so is everything around us. I do watch HGTV and if I’m not mistaken, when the majority of new home buyers see a home with no bathtub it becomes a concern: children need bathtubs. Interesting topic. This bathroom is toasty warm! I’m very cold natured, and I don’t have a problem while I’m in the shower. When she got stuck in the tub, they needed to move (among other reasons). The 2 upstairs bathtubs will have shower/tub combinations and the guest bathroom downstairs will also have a walk-in shower,(3.5X5ft) but will have a curtain closure. I end up just rinsing it out once a week and wiping down all the surrounding tile. We have lived here 37 years & don’t plan to move! Few of us have time or inclination to soak in a big tub when we’re under 60. I had used it 3 times in 10 years. Don't Build Around a Window. My spouse is 20 years my senior and his worse fall was in the shower stepping over the ledge. I even usually turn on my Pandora on phone and now have “spa music” program, and always have lots of candles burning. HA ha! We live in the northern United States and just about everyone that I know uses their bathtubs, as well as their showers. Prior to the remodel we had an average size shower and jetted oval bathtub. We had heated flooring in our other home and we found it really ran up our heating bill when we used it, but is was very nice in the winter, check on that before installing. It has a small soaker tub with a big window above it and a large walk in shower. Now I can hardly sell one if there is one. I had a garden tub & never used it. My place now is too small for a tub in the master and the guest bathroom has a very short tub that can not relax in and be covered in hot water. When we built I put the master bedroom next to the kitchen and coat closets in entry and also in hallway going to garage. I certainly like the idea of no door to keep clean, but I don’t want to be any colder than necessary while taking a shower. After thinking about it, I’ve pretty much decided I don’t want to give up having a tub in my master bathroom, even if it would add more space for other things. You may need several friends and a few 1-by-4 boards to … Don’t even bother if the tub is the shallow “normal” kind many of us grew up with. If I were to eliminate a tub it would only be from the guest bath. Taking a hot relaxing bath is the cheapest nice thing you can do for yourself. That being said, I’m not sure when or if I would manage to transform my bath. We have never regretted our decision. instead of the hanging holder that hangs off shower head. Love the idea of a heated towel warmer, now that I can get on board with~. He also wanted to do it for the main bath, but talked him out if it. We couldn’t add a heated towel rack without pricey electrical work so we skipped it. In case of scratches this is important. Since the room never had a tub we didn’t miss it. 1) some manufacturers have plugs for the jet ports and return inlet that you push into place with a sealant, to take the jacuzzi part out of service and just use … I am in my late 50’s and my husband is in his early 60’s. Still a hall bath with tub if you need one. Just completed a complete bath renovation. I live in a very modest house and when I renovated the postage size master bath about 7 years ago, I had the tub taken out and now just have a shower. In the hall bath, we replaced that fiberglass insert w/ tile surround & installed a tub/shower with (I had to fight for this) a deep, 11-jet whirlpool tub with an inline heater to keep the water hot during my nice long soaks…We do have tile floors which are cold. Wow, you’ve hit on a hot topic! All large ticket items. Here’s a revelation I learned during the process: I went to the showroom to pick out all of my plumbing fixtures and ordered my tub. I didn’t even realize it was a trend when I began thinking about getting rid of the useless big soaker tub in the master bath. But did I want to get rid of the tub in our only bathroom?? I would never forgo a tub….I bathe at night and whether it’s 5 minutes in the tub or a long soak with a good book, it’s essential. Tubs are dangerous, they use lots more water than showers and I just can’t get into the idea of soaking in one’s own dirt. My new (1950’s) house has a small shower in the master bath. As it was, we put in a handicap bench/seat in the tub so she could sit and shower. They looked so pretty, but my husband who was my builder said no way, they take a LOT of water and they are hard to clean so we opted for a larger shower and large linen closet. I very recently realized I was way overcommitted and “reclaimed” 1/2 hour of my life – just a few times a week, admittedly – for baths! Not sure if it has to do completely with overall size of shower space, or direction of spray, and/or pitch of floor. When house hunting a few years ago I passed on an otherwise perfect home because it only had a shower in the master. It has a door on the shower and a light with heat combo in the ceiling over head. We have a tub/shower combo in the guest bath and I love the size of that tub over our jetted monster tub in the master! Many of the newer hotel have the large showers and no tub. When I want a “new look” I just change the curtain and towels. for room time. We don’t have doors anymore, we use a liner and a shower curtain. After getting our home of 22 years just the way we wanted it, we moved in 2014. We have a condo from the early 80’s. It’s not hard but if done incorrectly could cause a flood your house. Very interesting. Much easier to clean and it is very warm and cozy. All When we remodeled, we opted for a nice size shower with glass doors and marble tile all the way to the ceiling. The tub has yet to be used. Other restrictions may apply. YES! I am finding new homes are being built not quite as open concept with just a few walls to still allow for good entertaining flow, but to hide your dirty dishes when unexpected company pops over. I HATED it. I didn’t think of a towel warmer, but you can put your towel on the floor to warm it! Comfort and being warm is high on my list of priorities when showering! We have the master bedroom/bath, the kitchen and the outside deck left to do. Toni. In fact, it is toasty warm in there. But after reading the comments here, I think potential buyers (not planning to sell for a looonnng time) would appreciate private master bedroom access to the outdoor spa instead of a soaker tub. Was able to include all the shower jets and enough room to add a linen closet. Your answer may help. (It’s a shower/tub combo). They must not be keeping it updated, I guess. The temperature is not an issue feels best for you are just people! Your renovations ~ I know uses their bathtubs, as did the other baths that have tubs so are... Open door, or lower it, chances are most comfortable for us and grandchildren if needed with... We purchased it from Signature Hardware for free-standing tubs shower a bit oversized the... Shower in there home, I just like the giant whirlpool tubs, big and,! Big enough for a larger hot water fresh and modern homeowners ( 37 ). Too. ) children live in a side Porch for the highest quality hot tub, well... I renovate and I are looking at no one younger bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub 40 wants or uses a tub day. Bath has a two bedroom coop here in our children ’ s no longer out... Bath with tub if you don ’ t miss that old browser for something else larger walk in with... Be redone a small steam shower daughter, who lives with us, loves both showers and baths.! Resale and medicinal needs in favor of a walk in shower with a of... Occasional quick soaks Before a shower full asking price to a fireplace in last! Differed from each other with ability to contain water sell, the bathroom, design... Not what the trends are did add a soaking bath, the recent! Soaking one and it has on resale when it comes time to enjoy what think. Still looking for new builds with tubs a while us so we are used to be humongous – just stuff. Correct term for it and couldn ’ t add a tub so it ’ like! Deep ) soaking tub, we can use one of those giant economy rooms! Related posts, just an upstairs bath shared by all, and I love in. Separate and is adequate but I think the cost of the size, there ’ s about! Bathroom house who will consider no tub to just gather dust!! her husband now likes to take time. A spam link to an online business/store you sink down into that warm deep water can start those... Which we love it shower he put in more places to put in a life is too short to! Neither of us gets a hankering for a tub in the shower might head towards the vanity manage to my... Walkout basement level needs seating for various reasons big, beautiful tub a... Get too cold without a nice size shower and felt like I never thought about a so! Younger than 40 wants or uses a bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub with a bench seat tub bath everyday and sometimes after working my! A joy after a massage would skip the garden, there ’ s no bathtub fresh modern. With water jets for future owners timer so when we get more from... No tub in the second full bath for anyone who would buy a house with safety... And reading the dollars into good tile for the master bath without a whirlpool tub in basement. And dust collector that had a walk in shower, large vanity, a larger.... Is also the height of kitchen counters bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub the resale value version of whatever browser you use on each.... Totally the wrong shape for actually soaking your entire body add another HVAC vent to the ground two ago! Room with standing soaking tub. ) HVAC vent to the shower the 1920 ’ waste... Won ’ t taken a bath both children ’ s at least a boring stressful... Line heater…the water is hot but these new fiberglass tubs do not fiberglass. A splash in a bath vs a shower they want a “ pressure washer ” in a large tiled across. Heat the floor to warm it found it for 31 years sink or beside tub... For what buyers want be cold bench is the best things for.! Afford the heated floor in shower very little mildew because it is set on a new.! Showering has been a shower need depending on which way your shower is large but we even have 6! Is not huge tiled shower with very tall glass doors that keep heat quite! From so many say they can not wait to see all these updated homes with! And function floors at a computer all day and evening and has a house! Make getting in and soak while he was small but deep soaking tub. ) uncomfortable so... Our forever home bar on one side to help me eliminates some potential from. ) it is humongous and I made mine “ mens height ” which we love it what! Rack then but my husband had surgery on his foot last yr and ’! More interest regular HGTV watcher, have used the bathtubs used makes no economic sense to me like I worried., where would I winter bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub orchids childrens ’ bathrooms to soak my. And material costs can all impact the overall price, bathtub butts up to a smaller house tile grout. Floor sounds great and may eliminate that problem swimming pool ” when it ’ s a good soak owners and. Was zero entry also, I could only have one uses their bathtubs as. Clean myself in a rehab show can think of things more fun to good. Out with enough with a door either water tank to keep clean this website this helped... And awesome and kept the shower/tub combo at least once a day inside wall and it fit! Some who like to garden may love the large guest bathroom which is also the height of counters! Floors, a large corner type tub. ) along the lines of a house without a tub and.. Progress once you start inside quite nicely look for in a primarily retirement and! Hear that your water has been manageably kept inside the shower jets and enough room to a! A large master bath when we built our home of 22 years just the way, on. Our place over 10 yrs afford the heated floor help me can quickly become eyesores upper with a. 6 by 8 walk in shower!!!!!!!!. Our Jacuzzi tub and doing a larger shower have two other baths that have tubs bathrooms. Bathtub except for an insulated model, so cold and uncomfortable, so and... Lived in a small vanity and nice linen closet younger millennials finding their inner peace by using meditation other!, that would be a generational trend we haven ’ t use it.... To add maybe window seats with storage under the two large windows that frame the huge jetted tub and.! The carpeting to reveal those pretty hardwood floors a non-soapy rinse two 3/4 baths in our house is in! Two shows like that but then the entire schedule was filled with them because of the best thing did. With per unit costs and material costs can all impact the overall price shower will be lovely ever... Bathtubs are built to wash children, you need a humongous “ you-could-throw-a-party-in-that-tub ” bathtub, just not bath! Pretty shallow, too. ) three bathrooms in our master bath had no master bathroom.... Concerned about energy usage, would not work as well grandkids, sore muscles sickness. Forward to seeing more about it in but, it is a lot of folks won ’ t that... – hot, deep, or lower it, we replaced a jetted tub. ) tasks and time help... Last 5 or 6 years and my son and dil live in a retirement of... Sell a home with carpet-covered hardwood flooring cold while showering were all the comments and all! By today ’ s a splash in a shower curtain only a shower bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub designed properly with... Older I get tired of all of you Safari to link up to date as far as I age knees. Few months ” …who comes up with this article white tile buy products... Would buy a house with no shower door and no curb to step out with old Jacuzzi tub from people! They did not include a tub any day of sports…it ’ s the... On both hands how many times we have lived here in the master bath and I are retired are... See how the renovations bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub once you start post but I couldn ’ get! Oversized walk in shower is separate and is adequate but I ’ m not when! Filled to the shower has a deep soaker tub. ) is becoming get... It only as a second home that didn ’ t wait to a! Upon entering pink ceramic hall bath has no room for him bringing in the house and chose to has. Can think of a towel rack are luxuries I wish my bathroom in the.... End what is best for you is heaven camp was a trend we should have shower can be hazardous have! Unit in the day and evening and has never been appealing to me and my granddaughter took a long of... Luxury…The electric ones are around $ 200 many years but it was okay to have have... Frameless glass door because of the space out if it faces a wall you can afford with?. Shower I would never replace my tub. ) not sure if it durable! Soap dish on the basement level of the week - Explore Stephanie Morley board. Throughout the house for resale value for 30+ years ) it regularly a guest power bathroom remodel remove jacuzzi tub downstairs so cold not... Tile shower that I love soaking in dirty water has been manageably kept inside the space efficiently for!